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Snakes & Spiders!!

Today, we had a presentation given to us from the Museum of Natural Sciences at our normal meeting location in Apex, NC.  This was part of the museum’s outreach program for small groups.  We had about 45 scouts show up to this event which is really high for a summertime scouting event for us.  This comprises about half of the cub scout pack. 

Learning about animals and about nature are parts of many rank requirements or electives.  Having an experienced and knowledgeable museum staff come to Apex and bring in live SNAKES is definitely a big pull for these young boys.

If you are looking for a good summertime or any other time activity, consider the involvement of the Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh.  Of course, there is always the outing to this museum which has expanded with the new science wing.  And best of all a visit to the museum in Raleigh is FREE!

However, if you want to spice up an event such as a pack meeting or summertime event in Apex, $90 will get them out to your site.  The Snakes & Spiders presentation is a good one where they go over the venomous snakes and spiders in the Apex area.  The staff member that visited us today brought 4 live snakes for the scouts to see and touch.  These were all non-venomous, of course. 

There are many other presentations for small groups that you can have for your group including ‘rocks and minerals’, ‘Terrific Turtles’, ‘Animal Tracks and Signs’ and ‘Birds of a Feather’ that would be great for Cub Scout Packs.  These would also seem to satisfy rank requirements and electives for many of the scouts.

More information on these programs can be found of the Museum of Natural Sciences website.