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Rock Climbing Event

Here’s a great summertime (or any other time) event for your Packs and Troops.  Rock Climbing!  There is a great rock climbing facility right in Morrisville.  It is the Triangle Rock Club.  They have special times on Saturday mornings to accommodate a reserved Scout activity. 

Our pack just had an event at this location this past Saturday from 8-10am.  The scouts (and parents alike) absolutely loved it.  It gave everyone a chance to try out rock climbing and to be successful at it.  They have many different climbing paths appropriate for beginners and experts.  They provide all the equipment necessary for climbing.  The facility has auto belays as well to allow you to climb on your own if you are not skilled in belaying.

The cost for the event is $10 per person and can be scheduled through the Triangle Rock Club.  They are super helpful and friendly. 

Their location and phone:

102 Pheasant Wood Court
Morrisville, NC 27560
Phone: 919.463.7625(ROCK)


Camping in Apex

We are very fortunate to have some good group camping facilities in the nearby area.  One that I want to metion is Jordan Lake Campground which is right down US HWY 64 in Apex.  They actually have two nice group camping facilities.  One is in the Parker’s Creek campground and the other is in Vista point campground.  These are great sites for Cub Scout Packs that are looking for somewhere close to camp for the newbie scouts and parents.  This gives the families an opportunity to experience scouting without leaving the immediate area. 

Each campsite is equipped with picnic tables, fire rings and are close to the bath houses.  These are full bath houses with showers and flush toilets (also good for new campers).

Nearby these campgrounds is the Lake, Jordan Lake that is.  The scouts can bring their fishing poles and fish on the bank of the Lake during the event.  Also, there are hiking trails located near the campsites.

The campsites are wooded and there are plenty of spots that are already packed down to setup tents.  I do advise to try to stay out of the more natural wooded areas and not camp in areas that have vegetation.  Additionally, the rangers do not want any vehicles parked on the grass.  All vehicles should be parked in the parking lot provided.  It can be a little tight if there are multiple groups present, so try to carpool where feasible.

The campsites hold about 30 persons.  Reservations are requried and are necessary months in advance.  Reservations can be made on-line or by calling 1-877-CAMP-NC.  The cost is $48/day for the campsites.


Our pack visits this campground annually and always has a great time!

Crosswinds District Recruiting Events

If you are in the Crosswinds District, I just found out about the following events on membership recruitment:

Wake County Kickoff:  Wednesday, July 25th at 6PM  (Edenton Street UMC).  This is the kick-off event where pencils, yard signs, applications, parents’ guides, etc. will be handed out. 

Scouting interest Event (Cary) on September 11th from 5-7pm

Scouting interest event (Apex) on September 12th from 5-7pm

The theme for these events will be Fitness.  All Cub Scouts participating will receive the Cub Fitness Recognition.  There will be a cookout for all in attendance.

There may be a MUD event the last Saturday in September.


Round ’em up!

It’s that time of year again!  It’s time to bring in the new boys for a fun year in scouting.  This is sometimes called “Round-ups” in our area.  However, the ground work for recruiting should be laid down all year round.  The boys in the unit should be encouraged to invite their friends to scouting.  This is probably the best and most effective way of getting folks to join.  The boy gets his friends’ interest and their parent can follow up.  It is also the best way to keep boys interested in scouting.  When they go to meeting and events with their friends, they are more likely to stay involved.

The other ways of recruiting involve getting the unit’s name out there.  You are basically ‘marketing’ your units brand.  I think good ways to do this is by having the unit participate in service projects in full uniform or otherwise able to be identified.  For instance, the scouting for food service is a good way, helping out a school with grounds-keeping or some other needed service is another.

Of course, there is the Internet.  These days it is important if not required to have an internet presence.  Basically, if you have no website, you don’t exist.  The website is also good to have updated when prospective parents search for your information.  This can be done through access to the website.

Other ways are taking a pack event and publicizing it to families in the area.  This could be through the Chartered Organization (in the case of a church) or through a local school.  Invite folks to come out to a bike rodeo, picnic, rock climbing or some other event that you already have scheduled.

Anything else that you may have used to round ’em up?

– Warren