Peak of Good Scouting

So what’s going on for Scouting in Apex?  Lots!! 

We are a growing town and that being said, we are a growing pack.  We hear about units losing scouts but for whatever reason, it isn’t happening here.  Scouting is alive and well!!

For one reason, Apex has some great Cub Scout Packs and some great Cub Scout leaders.  Our unit, Pack 226, has some awesome leadership right now.  Lots of parents that are involved and excited about scouting.  There are truly reasons to be thankful for this as once there is a spark and a few good folks for the ful, there is the a roaring fire.

It only takes a few good folks to make a difference.  Fire up the parents to make a little extra time.  It only takes a couple hours a week.  A few hours with a few folks can make the difference between a mediocre pack and an awesome pack.  What I usually ask folks to do is to do what you are good at.  Scouting is life.  It isn’t just camping.  It isn’t just advancements.  It isn’t just den meetings.  It is a way of life.  It includes soccer.  It includes school.  It includes everything you do ‘outside’ of den meetings.  The program is built for that. 

You have a parent that loves to work with wood.  Awesome!  Work in our Pinewood Derby committee!

You have a parent that likes numbers?  Awesome!  Work as our pack treasurer.

You have a parent that likes to work with kids?  Awesome!  Den Leader, Cubmaster, Assistant!

You like to organize a party?  Awesome!  Blue and Gold Committee!

You have a certain niche interest?  Biking?  Soccer? Geocaching?  Rockets?  Excellent!  Lead an event for the boys!

If I can offer you one encouragement is to be the ‘spark’.  Light the fire under your pack and watch it glow!

– Warren


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